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this up. this is like arbitration. we'll decide this later. >> the law was signed into law 3 1/2 years ago. the insurance company will estimate how much the government might owe them for subsidies and the government will cut them a check and they will figure it out later when the website is working. how is it going to be gotten back? it's r, fe for fraud and huge mistakes. it's a huge science and it will involve billions of taxpayer dollars. bill: the errors are not fixed and we don't know when they will be fixed. >> when all hell broke loose they started working on the front end of the website, the part the consume sellers see first. but the back end where the actual purchases take place have not yet finished. look at obama's event yesterday. he highlighted the stories of four people. two were young people who benefited from keep your coverage on your parents until you are 26. another den fit from lifetime caps. another who was a doctor who hasn't sick. nun none of them actually purchased affordable coverage on the obamacare website. bill: they need to be even rolled, byron. >> it's just
? >> i think he will in a more aggressive way than he has before. the law is working, it's benefiting some people, je yes, there have been problems but it's doing what he said sit would do. the second parts of the case -- the second part is thinking republicans have sabotaged the website and all the problems are because of the efforts of the republicans. martha: there are new questions launched at the white house. people trying to sign on and we are still getting error messages. >> reporter: people are going on and still getting error messages. >> you are confusing error message with cueing message which is an entirely different thing. >> reporter: the goal is to enroll more people. if they are still waiting -- >> i would point you to the fact that more people are visiting the site and able to effectively go from beginning to end when it comes to enrolling than was the case in october and november. martha: getting tougher and tougher in there. accord together white house those directed to a cue on the obamacare site will get help at a later time. >> reporter: the white house confirmin
a situation where young people are sceptical of the law. sceptical of the reforms. they think they will pay for, they think the coverage will be worse and they are increasingly sceptical of the guy who's selling it and that's what's changed. i don't know that the president can gets that credibility back. the interesting thing is the drop in his support came after the revelations about nsa metadata collection and the coverage it got. he hasn't been able to recover among this group since that time. martha: when you look back at the election numbers, when you say did you vote for obama, 55% said yes. the question would you vote for him today, only 40 per s -- onl% say yes. he sold this website that it would be flight their wheel house and they may be disenchanted with that pitch as well. bill: to the irony alert. president obama saying republicans could be responsible for people losing their insurance right before christmas. >> christmastime is no time for congress to tell more than one million of these americans they have lost their unemployment understand. what will happen if congress does n
's do thing in the design of the law that necessarily limit the number of providers and number of doctors you will have access to. that necessarily means the president was absolutely lying when he said if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. bill: full-throated defense, karl. people aren't stupid. wallace said the president guaranteed me i could keep my doctor. emanuel said, if you want to, you can pay for it. >> exactly. you can have anything you want as you come up with the jack for it. look, this is why i'm amazed, first of all they try to defend it. the president stepped back from saying if you like your health care plan you can keep it and apologized. i think that apology was blanket enough it cover this is as well. why emanuel continues to try to defend it saying well the president didn't promise you couldn't have unlimited, blah, blah, blah. it was ridiculous defense, not particularly effective. bill: on the political side of this, you said this before. you believe democrats hope that the american voter forgets. >> yeah. but they aren't. they're not going to. l
political panic over this that could mean big change in the law. martha: we will see what happens. rich, thank you very much. good to see you. >> thanks, martha. bill: holiday shopping season kicked off with a bit of a frenzy. according to retailers black friday was a bit of a bust. despite more shoppers than ever going to the stores. according to the national retail federation, 141 americans headed out for this. is that right? 141 million? that's half the country. martha: unbelievable. bill: there are only 330 million of us here. millions also took to online shopping this year. but overall sales slumped about 3%. so we want toe no what you think. will you spend less, more, or about the same this year as you did about a year ago? tweet us. martha: what do you think? what are you going to do? less, more, about the same. give me something nicer than last year i hope. bill: depends how it goes next three weeks. martha: i'm just kidding. it was very nice. bill: fire away. martha: we're just getting started this morning, everybody. we have this very sad story that happened over the weekend f
's shoulders. this was his legacy law. hard not to look at this and go, how were you not watching this every step of the way and making sure that it went at least better than this? i think that was, you know, as i said earlier, what many critics said when we were going into obamacare this is quite a bit for you guys to bite off. do you think you can handle it? turns out know, no, they couldn't. that to me is big problem that he is not taking responsibility for it. bill: on that point too, darrell issa told me two dae the website will exceed a billion dollars in the end. everything all-in will be more than a billion dollars, but placing the blame on congress for getting in his way, byron of reforming washington, what's up? >> well, you know this is something that democrats have done for a long time, not really placing blame on congress but places blame on the opposition party, republicans in congress for doing this. so we've heard this from the president a whole lot. what i really this is most interesting about the interview he does talk aaout a cumbersome, slow, redundant federal bureaucracy
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6